Design and manufacture of smart irrigation controllers for agriculture

Maher Electronica has almost 20 years of experience in applying cutting edge technological solutions for improving crop productivity.  We have grown and developed in line with the changing face of agriculture, enabling us to provide smart irrigation controllers and climate that fully meet the needs of both farmers and installers.

A first-hand insight into sector requirements allows us to offer solutions for the full range of crops.

Our operational centre in the province of Almeria allows us to be very close to the farmers. We work for agricultural projects both within and out with Europe. And we do it in an environment of innovation, as is Almeria’s agricultural sector.

In addition, Maher Electronica is staffed by Industrial and Telecommunications Engineers who develop solvent, durable and reliable smart irrigation controllers and climate, which are easy to use and to adapt. We also provide fast and effective technical and advisory support services to our clients.

We know that having the best electronic devices is key to agricultural development and progress. Our equipment will maximize harvests, obtaining optimal crop yields in the shortest possible time.

What are the advantages of our smart irrigation controllers?

Maher manufactures irrigation controllers for agriculture that reduce water consumption and cut down on labour costs, whilst providing plant nutrients in a balanced and ordered manner, saving on fertilizers and thereby contributing to environmental care.

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Easy to use and reliable

All our controllers are designed meticulously for easy and intuitive handling for all users.

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Express 24/48 H Technical Service

We offer a fast, efficient and personalized aftersales service, providing a solution within a maximum of 24/48 hours.

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Sturdy controllers

Our smart irrigation controllers provide the reliability and durability you need to help you in your daily work. Guaranteed robustness.

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An in-depth knowledge of our customers’ activity allows us to design and develop new smart controllers tailored to their changing needs.

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Our professionalism, dedication and first-class quality standards are the hallmarks of our work. We are committed to our customers and their needs.

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Savings and productivity

MAHER technology provides water and fertilizer savings that contribute to environmental sustainability and boost productivity.

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Most Requested Controllers

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Irrigation controller

programador de fertirrigacion Ferti 8000

FERTI 8.000®

Irrigation Controller (pH & CE)


Fertigation Equipment

Climate Controller

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MAHER Probe transmitter

pH & CE transmitter

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