The pH transmitter and conductivity meters complete the range of irrigation accessories from Maher Electrónica. The degree of concentration of hydrogen ions, hydrogen potential, or the pH balance of water will determine to a large extent the yield and success of our crop.

Maher Electrónica presents its pH transmitter meters, absolutely reliable for your peace of mind when it comes to the conditions to which your crops are exposed. The Maher Electrónica conductivity meters, both wall and pocket, are other irrigation accessories essential for crop optimization.

medidor de ph

AD32 pH meter

AD32 pocket pH meter.

medidor pH

PH meter ECO209

ECO209 pH wall meter. Includes probe and power supply.


Conductivity meter AD12

AD12 electric conductivity pocket meter.

medidor pH y conductividad

Conductivity meter ECO406

ECO406 electric conductivity wall meter. Includes probe and power supply