About us

Maher is a professional manufacturer of irrigation and agricultural climate controllers located in the province of Almería. A leader in the Spanish and international markets, Maher has more than 20 years of professional experience in the sector, always seeking to continuously improve productivity during the growing process; along with innovative technological advantages that result in 100% profitable harvests and maximum yield with greater environmental sustainability.

Our values

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Responsive service

Training, support and advice. Maher is there to offer support at all times.

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Customer service

Efficiency and speed in resolving incidents with personal and direct service.

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Always willing to listen, to adapt products to the needs of each customer.

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Always providing the highest level of trust and sincerity

Our products


Smart automation agriculture. 

Intelligent agriculture or Smart Agriculture aims to resolve space and resource problems for growing, providing a highly technological and efficient solution with many benefits. Between them:

  1. Greater profitability and quality
  2. Improvement of people’s quality of life
  3. Sustainability and the environment, taking the impact of the activity on the environment into account. The goal is to create more sustainable and efficient production processes that also respect the environment.  

Maher manufactures irrigation and weather controllers, specializing in providing innovative solutions for more efficient and intelligent agriculture using irrigation and agricultural climate automation. It thus designs and manufactures products that provide a large number of funcionalities that complement conventional irrigation and growing systems.

Maher has an extensive product catalog, always with the latest cutting-edge technology and adapting the products to the needs of each customer. From its well-known professional irrigation controllers and climate controllers, to different accessories to increase their perfomance, such as the Maher App remotely controlling the controllers, the probe transmitter or the expansion module for connecting more sensors to the controller. Click here to find out about all of Maher’s products.

The Maher Smart, Ciclón and Ferti 8000 irrigation controllers also have a three-year warranty.

All Maher equipment is renowned for being:

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Reliable and robust, offering the necessary durability to help you in your daily growing tasks.

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Intuitive and easy to handle and install


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Maher is a leading company in Almeria that markets its products in Spain and internationally. Located in the province of Almeria, Maher suppliers its products and controllers to installers located in different countries.

Maher is a leader in Spain as a manufacturer of controllers for irrigation and climate control in agriculture.

The company continues to expand borders to other countries such as Portugal, France, Mexico, Algeria, Morocco, Chile, Uruguay, etc.

Customer’s installations


The Maher team

Maher has a highly qualified and multidisciplinary team, which means it can always offer the perfect solution tailored to the need of each customer. As a manufacturer of irrigation and agricultural climate controllers, Maher has different departments that specialize in each phase involved in the application process of its products.

It also has a fast and efficient technical service; within 24-48 hours. 

You will always notice Maher’s support and you can count on total confidence and peace of mind. The company is a leader in designing and developing innovative products of agriculture, aimed at improving life in the country and of all the proffesionals who are dedicated to this sector.

Trust Maher Smart Agrocontrollers, the peace of mind you’ve always wanted!

Would you like to find out more about Maher? Download the company’s presentation dossier HERE.