Maher’s Probe transmitter stands out for its adaptability. This avoiding incompatibility problems as with other devices. It is compatible with almost all the water programmers on the market. So you don’t have to change other teams that you already work with.

Its built-in LCD display in different languages makes it easier to use and increases its functions. Because it also serves as a visualizer, fault detector in programmers, etc.

Another of its most notable features is that it has access key to avoid the manipulation of the transmitter by unauthorized personnel.

Probe transmitter with automatic sensor and temperature detection. Compatible with most controllers on the market. It has an access key for more security.

The Maher Probe transmitter is designed to be used with most electrical conductivity sensors on the market, 2 or 4 rings. It has automatic detection of different sensor type for Automatic temperature compensation. Avoid the incompatibilities that other equipment presents.

It has an LCD display, which can be used as a display and also allows to detect possible failures in the controllers more quickly.

It is available in two versions, with metallic box OR PVC box with transparent door.

User Interface

  • Easy operation and configuration by digital encoder
  • It has a graphic LCD display of 128 x 64 pixels
  • Multilingual: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French.


  • Power supply with direct current between 11VDC – 15VDC (Recommended: 12VDC.)
  • Consumption: Between 160mA and 260mA
  • Outputs: 4-20 mA


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