Maher Electrónica offers professionals all the advantages of our irrigation and climate programmers. Providing reliable, easy to use products that allows the increase the productivity of crops guarantees success for our distributors and installers:

  • Your customers will be more satisfied.
  • Reduce incidents related to  product unreliability and defects, as our products are durable, resistant and efficient.
  • Help your customers increase the productivity of their crops.
  • Support from our technical service.

Why distribute and install Maher Electronics?

We know that taking the step to change the products you have been working with for years is not easy. But just being the ones you know, does not mean they are the best. Maher guarantees that shortly after trying our products and our service, you will know that you have made the right decision to make the change. Further:

  • You will have the support of our technicians.
  • We will provide the necessary training so that you can adapt to our products in a very short time.
  • We are sure that our products and services will conquer you.

Who can distribute and install our products?

The result that we can obtain from an irrigation programmer or any associated product depends on it being configured and installed by qualified professionals. From Maher Electronics we will provide you with all the necessary support. That is why we make sure that only accredited professionals distribute our products.

These are the requirements to be a Maher distributor or installer:


Be qualified for the electrical installation.


High in IAE (Model 036) in related activity.

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