CICLON filters is a system that allows us to go one step further in the traits associated with the crop. The task automation made possible by these filter controllers means costs reduction and increased productivity of crops.

This filter cleaning driver is as easy to operate and configure as all Maher Electrónica products. It is also versatile and compatible with different filter controller systems.


CICLÓN filters is an easy-to-use configurable filter controller designed for managing the automatic cleaning of the filter head, which can be made up of different types of filter.

The filter cleaning process will be triggered due to a pressure drop detected by a differential pressure switch. The process can also be programmed to start at a specific time or after a certain volume of irrigation. The filter controller system has digital input for the detection of water flow.

Some of the benefits and key features of the filter cleaning system of Maher Electrónica CICLON® filters are:

  • Start by time.
  • Start by volume.
  • Start by differential pressure switch.
  • Manual start.
  • Active working hours.
  • Separate cleaning and pause times for each filter.
  • Time between cleaning dependent or independent of the flow detection input.
  • Programmable delay for the input of the differential pressure switch to avoid errors due to false contact.
  • The master valve can be advanced or delayed with respect to cleaning.
  • Internal transformer 24VAC 1A for surface equipment and 1.25A for recessed equipment.
  • 1 RS232 communications port.