Inyector Venturi y Caudalímetro

A venturi injector is used for administering chemical substances and fertilizers during the agricultural irrigation process. Thanks to supply of these products, maximum efficiency is achieved in growing work. These elements help to avoid obstructions, adapt the water pressure, control the flow and operate in a much simpler way.

La instalación de un inyector venturi es fácil y se adapta a todo tipo de sistemas de riego. Están fabricados con materiales de alta calidad y son resistentes a los rayos UVA. This offers benefits to proffessionals in the sector such as:

– Carry out the treatments in the most optimal way
– Regulate the amount and flow of water
– Much more precise fertilizer injection
– Savings on fertilizers and chemical substances
– Better cleaning of the irrigation facilities
– Save resources and time, avoiding devoting effort to this process
– A higher crop yield

Accesorio venturi


Venturi turned PVC with high chemical resistance

accesorio caudalímetro


Calibrated polycarbonate flowmeter with regulations of 20-120, 30-300 or 75-750 l/h and Ø20 glue joints.