If there is something that characterizes the fertigation controller FERTI 8.000  by Maher Electrónica, is its precision. In addition to the simplicity in the handling and the robustness present in all our products, our engineers have found an unusual level of precision in this product. It is a programmer that can handle up to 96 outputs and up to eight passes.

It allows the connection of sensors without the need of a datalogger.

The precision and safety that you demand from an irrigation programmer is possible and FERTI 8.000  has it.

Install this fertigation controller in any type of crop, both in soil and in hydroponics.



FERTI 8.000  is the fertigation controller that, in addition to injecting fertilizers by time, can also inject them by controlling the pH and electrical conductivity parameters of the irrigation water. It adapts perfectly to crops of any size, both in soil and in hydroponic crops.

This is the fertigation controller with the most competitive pH and electrical conductivity control in the market, given the exhaustive control of the conductivity level, without oscillations.

It has 6 analogue inputs for connecting a wide range of sensors to the equipment. These inputs are configurable both in signal range and in input voltage range. We can use sensors with output 4-20mA or 0-5V =. The function of each of these inputs is programmable.

It also has 10 digital inputs, free of voltage, fully configurable as pulse counters or detectors of different events and anomalies.

FERTI 8000, from Maher Electrónica, has a three year warranty.

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