This device offers expansion for up to 6 analog inputs for the Maher Smart, Ciclon and Ferti 8000 irrigation controllers.

It is designed to respond to a technological trend called precision agriculture. Several sensors collect data on water, soil, plants and climate to send them to an analysis system in which they can be viewed in real time and from anywhere on any device with an internet connection.

With the analog input expansion device, more sensors can be connected to the Maher Smart, Ferti 8000 or Ciclón controller easily and economically More information is provided to make fertigation decisions that make your crops more profitable, save on fertilizer and water and achieve higher levels of fruit quality.


With the Maher App, you can also view the data provided by these sensors very intuitively. Among other functions, irrigation schedules can be activated, paused or modifiedfrom anywhere. Irrigation can also be scheduled on demand conditioned by the values recorded by the different sensors. All this with no need for a datalogger or additional software.

This is another advantage of MAHER controllers, they are fully scalable. In other words, they don’t become obsolete over time, since they can be updated by adding improvements to harness their full potential.


This analog input expansion module has three versions depending on the input type allowed:

  • 6EA analog input extension: connect to six irrigation and weather sensors to choose from
  • Expansion of analog inputs 3EA + 1SDI12: Connect to three irrigation and climate sensors to choose from and a tri-sensor (temperature, humidity and soil EC).
  • 2SDI12 analog input expansion: Input for two tri-sensors (normally used to take soil measurements at different heights or to measure different sectors of the growing area).


  • RS-232 serial communication: This type of communication can be used to communicate a controller with a single analog input expansion module. Keep in mind that the maximum distance between the controller and the expansion module cannot exceed 15 meters. To cover a greater distance, use the RS-485 protocol that is explained in the next point.
  • RS-485 serial communication: Used to communicate between a controller and an analog input expansion module located at a distance greater than 15 meters or to communicate between a controller and several modules regardless of the distance.
  • Radio communication: This type of communication can be used to communicate with a controller either with a single expansion module or with multiple analog input expansion modules. In this case, radio communication modules are used instead of a cable that communicates each expansion module with the controller. A radio communication module is required for each analog input expansion module and another for the controller.



Analog Input Extension

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