The Rainfall Gauge Sensor is used in agriculture for irrigation control. This agricultural sensor records and sends data to the controller about its water content or the amount of precipitation that has fallen. The controller can thus interrupt an active irrigation schedule as soon as a certain quantity of water previously configured in the irrigation controller has fallen.

The interaction of the rainfall gauge with the irrigation controller optimizes water consumption, thereby avoiding waste.




This rainfall gauge sensor for agriculture has filaments to prevent birds from landing on it and destroying it. It has a capacity of up to 214 cm2, is highly robust and collects precision data.

Connect the Rainfall Gauge Sensor to the Irrigation Controller

The controller receives information from the rainfall gauge sensor to pause the running irrigation schedule, when it is raining.

With the Maher App, you can also view all the data recorded by the rainfall gauge on your mobile, PC or tablet. It shows the amount of precipitation that has fallen, even if you’re not on the farm. The irrigation schedule can also be paused manually from your mobile.


Technical Specifications

The rainfall gauge for agriculture has the following technical specifications:

OutputContact closure
Attached wire12meters, 4 conductor, 26AWG
ConnectorModular plug (RJ-11)
Maximum recommended cable length270m
MaterialResistant plastic
Dimensions with base, not filaments23,5 x 26 x 28 cm
Rainwater capacity area214 cm2
Daily rain range0.0 mm to 999.8 mm
Total rain range0.0 mm to 6553 mm
PrecisionFor rain rates up to 50 mm/hour: +/- 4% of the total or 0.2 mm; the value that is greater

For rainfall rates of 50 mm/hour up to 100 mm/hour: +/- 5% of the total or 0.2 mm; whichever value is greater

Update interval20-24 seconds
Input and output connectionsRed…. terminal switch

Green and yellow… terminal switch


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