Extenda-Andalucia agency of Foreign Promotion, under the Ministry of Economy and Knowledge, makes available to Andalusian companies a program aimed at strengthening the creation and consolidation of the brand image of Andalusian firms abroad, in order to to improve its competitive position in international markets.

This program, called ‘Extenda Advice on Strategy and Brand Positioning for Internationalization’, is part of the Extenda consulting service and is coordinated by a team of highly specialized consultants with extensive experience in internationalization projects of brands. Through this program, in which 15 companies have participated so far, Extenda places at the disposal of Andalusian firms an advisory service specialized in strategy and brand positioning, with special attention to the awareness of Andalusian businessmen on the importance of having of a good brand tactics.

The companies that have already made the program come from Seville (Polygroup Europe, C & O Advisors, Isotrol, Agraria Vecino Hens and AGA Pharma & Supplements), Córdoba (Daplast, Higar Moda, Rodriguez Chiachio, Aceite Aroden Hispania, Joymart Designs and Company North African Trade), Cádiz (GYJ Macpherson), Almería (Maher Applied Electronics), Granada (Granada Diagnostic Center) and Málaga (Green Food Import-Export).

This program is in addition to other services provided by Extenda in the area of ​​Consultancy to support the internationalization of Andalusian companies, among which the ‘Extenda-Individual Projects of the Foreign Network’ program stands out, or the new ones of the last 2016 Extenda- Advice and Access to Financing for the Internationalization and Extenda-Service of Attention to Financial Consultations.