Maher Mezcla is a system for the exhaustive control of water mixture of different salinity. One of its advantages is the possibility of matching it to any irrigation programmer or fertigation equipment, which makes it compatible with other systems, reducing the problems associated with incompatibilities that other equipment presents.

This water mixer combines the necessities of our most demanding customers. Farmers and installers who bet on reliable, accurate and robust teams bet on Maher Mezcla.


Maher Mezcla is a water mixer controller that allows the mixture of two waters of different salinity. For this purpose, it has fifteen programs that establish the electrical conductivity that reaches the water mixture. The controller will gradually open and close its two motorized valves to controls the passage of the quantity of each type of water.

It can easily by matched to any irrigation programmer or fertigation equipment, to which it will be responsible for closing in each case one of the digital inputs of the controller to start the program associated with it.


The installation of the Maher Mix allows to obtain the following benefits:
It allows to take advantage of water of bad quality (water with high salinity) since when mixing it with water of good quality (water with low salinity) water with favorable quality for the irrigation is obtained.

Allows to save fertilizer in the case of having water with very low salinity, since when mixed with another water of high salinity, there is a water of greater conductivity to which it will be necessary to inject less amount of fertilizer to obtain the desired Electric Conductivity.

Allows the reuse of water drained in hydroponic crops through recirculation systems.


I want digital inputs for the start of the program.

  • Fifteen different programs:
  • To obtain different mixtures.
  • With different Active Schedules.
  • Programs with higher or lower priority.

It can be easily attached to any irrigation programmer or
fertigation equipment.


  • 230VAC 50 / 60Hz.
  • 115VAC 50 / 60Hz (on request).
  • 12 VDC (on request).
  • 2 RS232 Communications Ports.

That Controls?

Maher Mezcla is a controller that mixes two waters of different salinity, thanks to its two motorized valves.