Solenoid valves for agricultural irrigation FIP/SIRAI

Correct fertilization of the crops is essential to guarantee their vegetative development and obtain an abundant and quality harvest. The selection and dose of suitable fertilizers as well as the fertilizer injection method and supply method must be considered.

For a correct fertilization, Maher Electronica has developed solenoid valves for injecting chemical products and fertilizers. These irrigation solenoid valves enable different fertilizers and chemicals to be injected.

electrovávulas de riego

FIP solenoid valve

FIP SF11 solenoid valve for chemicals 3/8 ” thread FPM DN8 powered at 24Vac.

electroválvula para riego

SIRAI solenoid valve

Sirai D132V23-Z130A solenoid valve for chemical products powered at 24Vac (also available at 12Vcc.) RM ½ “connection.