In addition to supplying the irrigation and climate accessories needed for a better result in the growing process, Maher Electronica has another of the most demanded products on the market: pH calibrator liquid. It is one of Maher’s pH calibration solutions designed for the correct maintenance of its different accessories.


Maher’s pH calibration solutions are the best products to maintain and calibrate pH and electrical conductivity meters and probes. The perfect option for professionals who are always looking to maximize their results, improve yields and obtain significant benefits during the growing process. Don’t hesitate to ask Maher which of the calibration products is the most suitable for your needs.


líquido calibrador de pH

Liquids to calibrate pH

460 ml. buffer calibration liquid pH calibrator liquid and electrical conductivity with values ​​of: pH 7 (HI7007L), pH4 (HI7004L), EC 5.000 µS/cm (HI7039L), EC 12.880 µS/cm (HI7030L), and 1.413 µS/cm (HI7031L),