Precision agriculture


What is precision agriculture?

It is a crop management model based on the collection and analysis of relevant data that influences plant development in order to make smart decisions that achieve higher crop yields and less environmental impact. 

Benefits of precision agriculture applied to irrigation 

It provides greater control over the plantation to ensure the correct and necessary water and fertilizer at all times. The sensors used in agriculture today provide information on a large number of variables. 


Sensors used in agriculture: 

  • Soil (volumetric water content, humidity, temperature, electrical conductivity…)  
  • Climate (wind speed and direction, solar radiation, amount of precipitation, humidity and enviromental temperature, etc.) 
  • Plant (photosynthetic radiation, leaf temperature…) 
  • Water (pressure, pH, electrical conductivity) 


View the data on your mobile 

All this data is viewed from a web application on the mobile, computer or tablet to make smart decisions at all times. By connecting the sensors to the irrigation controller, the crops can be irrigated on demand based on the values recorded by each of the sensors used. 

Maher products for precision agriculture.


Analog Input Expansion Module

Each module allows for expansion of up to 6 analog inputs for Maher Smart, Ciclón and Ferti 8000 controllers. Using this device, a greater number of sensors can be connected to your irrigation controller easily and economically.



Maher Radio
It transmits the data obtained from the sensors to the controller via radio, with no need for wiring. It also wirelessly opens and closes solenoid valves, pump start/stops, etc.


maher app

Maher App

Remote irrigation management from any device with Internet access (Smartphone, Tablet, P.C., etc.)

  • View all the data provided by the sensors in real time and graphically
  • Start, stop, modify, etc. irrigation schedules from any device with an internet connection
  • Schedule irrigation conditional on the data recorded by the sensors
  • The agronomist can review the history of irrigation and data from the sensors to offer effective and remote advice

Irrigation controllers

ferti 8000 plus

Fertirrigation, hydropony, fog system and window control controller

programador de fertirrigacion Ferti 8000

FERTI 8000
Hydroponic irrigation and fertirrigation controller

programador de riego Ciclón

Conventional irrigation controller

In its different presentations or assembly type

Maher can customise its controllers according to the needs of each project. FURTHER INFO HERE


Control box with methacrylate synoptic

For mounting on a structure or wall. May include the electric part

armario-ferti8000 plus

Cabinet with methacrylate synoptic

For wall installation. May include the electric part

equipo fertirrigacion ferti 8000 plus

Complete fertigation controller

Electrical and hydraulic part included