MAHER SMART is an agricultural controller for irrigation automation and window control in a greenhouse.

  • Window and fogging control. In addition to irrigation, it also controls windows and misting in a greenhouse.
  • Easy to use. Thanks to its 7” color touch screen.
  • Linux. The only controller that has this operating system.
  • Detailed reports. Schedule of planned irrigations, sensor readings, irrigation histories, etc. (Download reports by USB).
  • Advanced features. For fertigation with pH and electrical conductivity control.
  • Robust. Resistive type touch screen to withstand humidity and high temperatures.
  • V.P.D. Calculation It identifies unhealthy crop conditions derived from the environmental conditions of the greenhouse.




  • Irrigation.
  • Up to 250 irrigation valves or sectors. ¡NOVELTY!
  • 8 irrigation pumps.
  • Windows.
  • Control of thermal or shading covers. ¡NOVELTY!
  • Fogging.
  • 1 master valve.
  • Pumping.
  • 1 safety valve.
  • Fertilization with pH and EC (electrical conductivity) control, proportional, by time, volume and fixed.
  • 1 general agitator + fertilizer agitators (up to 8).
  • Fertilizer agitation.
  • 1 special treatment.
  • Filter cleaning.
  • Four fertilizers (expandable up to eight).
  • Connection to METOS weather stations.
  • 1 acid.
  • Mix of 2 waters (optional).
  • 1 rinse valve.
  • Remote management over the internet (optional).
  • 1 master filter valve.
  • Remotely activate valves, pumps, etc. (optional).
  • Diesel engine start (optional).
  • VPD calculation. (Up to eight zones) It identifies unhealthy crop conditions derived from the environmental conditions of the greenhouse.


  • Consult data: Current irrigation and fogging, anomalies, program status, controller information, mix of two waters, diesel group and remote units.
  • Historical: Irrigation, fogging, valves, fertilizers, treatments, programs and total data. Reports can be downloaded in Excel format, via USB.
  • Risk forecast: Programmed irrigation schedule with detailed information.
  • Sensor reading and graph: Possibility to filter for a certain period.
informes ferti 8000 plus


  • 10 digital inputs. No voltage, fully configurable as impulse counters or detectors of different events and anomalies.
  • 6 analog inputs for connecting sensors to the controllers. These inputs are configurable in signal range and in input voltage range. Sensors with 4-20 mA or 0-5 V= output can be used. The function of each of these inputs is programmable.


MAHER SMART has 20 independent programs for irrigation and fogging.  The program data can be modified during execution and is effective with no need to stop irrigation or fogging.

  • 10 valves per program that irrigate independently or grouped
  • Delay pump start/stop and close valves to avoid water hammer.
  • Interrupt irrigation due to registered anomaly.
  • 3 irrigation stop conditions due to the status of a digital input or remote unit or due to reading a sensor connected to the controller’s analog inputs. For fogging, two stop conditions


For fixed hours (up to three per day)Cyclic fogging
Cyclic irrigationBy relative humidity
Sequential irrigations (starts at the end of another irrigation schedule)By temperature
On demand (digital input)
Due to accumulated solar radiation
By analog input or sensor (temperature, humidity or EC of the soil, anemometer, etc.)
From remote units (the start is conditional on the digital input status or reading the sensors connected to remote units)


Injection of 8 fertilizerspH and EC control
The irrigation water pH can be controlled with acid or baseDifferential or incremental
Inject contributions or special treatmentsMix of 2 waters
Continuous time fertilization and pH control
Distributed time fertilization during irrigation time and pH control
Continuous volume fertilization and pH control
Distributed volume fertilization during irrigation time and pH control
Volume fertilization proportional to water volume and pH control
Fixed injection (injection period and % of each fertilizer)


  • MAHER SMART controls up to 8 zones. Up to 6 windows can be controlled in each zone (3 groups of 2 windows), top or side.
  • Window opening and closing can be conditioned by the following sensors: wind vane, anemometer, humidity, temperature, rain and solar radiation detector.
  • Four schedules. Day, night, special 1 and special 2.
  • The sunrise and sunset time can be set manually or automatically with an astronomical clock


In the programming of the cloths, we can edit the parameters for controlling the cloth of each control zone. For each control zone:

  • Shade cloth
  • – Shade cloth by solar radiation: Programming the position of the shade cloth based on the received solar radiation at any given time
  • – Shade cloth by schedule: Indicates the positioning of the shade cloth at specific hours.
    You can also use the option ‘Use astronomical clock’ to have the controller calculate and set the daily sunrise and sunset times
  • Thermal cloth by solar radiation: This is a screen that prevents the escape of the heat that accumulates inside the greenhouse during the hours of highest solar radiation. For this type of cloths, control is carried out by programming solar radiation references
  • Thermal cloth by temperature: This is a thermal screen where temperature is used as a reference for control


MAHER SMART comes in different versions.

  • Number of outputs: 16, 24, 32, 40… up to 250
  • Power and output voltage:
    • 220VAC power and 24VAC outputs
    • 12VDC power and 12VDC / 12VDC latch 2-wire outputs (configurable in the unit)
  • Format: Controller built-in, in cabinet and control box.

Controller built-in

equipo fertirrigacion ferti 8000 plus

Control box with methacrylate synoptic

armario-ferti8000 plus

Cabinet with methacrylate synoptic




*Possibility of activating software options by codeExpansion of outputs. The controller has 16 outputs as standard and the number of outputs can be increased up to a maximum of 250.
Window control. It controls the automatic opening and closing of the greenhouse windows.Expansion of analog inputs. The controller has six analogue inputs as standard and the number of analogue inputs can be increased up to a maximum of 54.
Control of thermal or shading covers. It allows for the automatic opening and closing of greenhouse covers.GPRS or Ethernet modem. The GPRS or ethernet modem enables the controller to connect to the Maher App server.
MAHER App. With a GPRS modem, the controller can be managed from an electronic device with internet connection and a web browser such as a smartphone, tablet, PC or Smart TV. SMS messages can also be sent to one or two mobile phones configured in the controller to notify anomalies, start of irrigation or end of irrigation.



MAHER SMART irrigation and fogging controller