Irrigation Programmer, Ciclón

The Ciclón irrigation computer is a simple and robust programmer, and at the same time it´s an irrigation controller for all terrains.

Simple, because it is as easy to handle as all our products.

Sturdy, because it couldn’t be any other way; it’s made for the field.

All terrain, because it is able to control the entire irrigation system; the pumping, the fertilization, the agitation of the fertilizers and the cleaning of filters of a great variety of agricultural facilities.

We are so proud and confident of the robustness and reliability of our sprinkler programmer that we give you 3-year warranty!


3-year Warranty, safe, tranquil and precise are the main features of the Ciclón irrigation programmer.

This irrigation controller CICLÓN  has 10 opto-coupled digital inputs that are activated with a low voltage-free contact. All can be delayed to avoid errors due to false contacts. The function of each one of them is configurable and can be used to detect signals.


  • 1 watering pump expandable to 2.
  • Expandable up to 48 valves or irrigation stations.
  • 1 Master valve.
  • 1 Motorized safety valve.
  • 1 agitator.
  • 1 special treatment.
  • 4 Fertilizers (+ 1 optional).
  • 1 General pump fertilization.
  • 8 filters.
  • 20 independent programs.
  • 10 independent or grouped valves/program.
  • 3 starts per day.
  • Irrigation by analog Sensors: TENSIOMETERS, HUMIDITY PROBEs (optional).
  • Cyclical irrigation.
  • Irrigation to demand.
  • Watering by time or volume.
  • Sequential irrigation.
  • Changes in programming without having to stop the watering. Updated in real time.
  • Analog and digital stop conditioning, 3 per program.
  • Control of the irrigation computer programmer through the Internet with MAHER App.

This irrigation programmer has a 3-year warranty!

That Controls?

When we talk about CICLON the question is: what does not control? And it is that this irrigation controllers allows you to be unconcerned with all the parameters associated with conventional irrigation:

– Irrigation

– Pumping

– Agitation fertilizers

– Fertilization by time

– Filter cleaning

In addition to the optional controls of the pH reading and limits in CE of the irrigation

Typical applications

This versatile irrigation programmer adapts not only to crops but also to other uses such as fountains and garden maintenance. In terms of cultivation, fruit trees, vineyards, olive groves and horticulture can benefit from the advantages of CICLON, the conventional off-road irrigation programmer from Maher Electrónica.


Irrigation programmer CICLON comes in different versions. You can find CICLON in two versions of power. In addition, the different voltage versions offer from eight to 48 outputs.

– Number of Departures: 8, 16, 24, 32, 40 or 48

– Supply voltage and outputs:
• 220VAC power and 24VAC outputs.
• 12VDC power and 12VDC outputs.
• 12VDC power and Latch outputs.
• 12VDC power supply and 12VDC / 24VAC outputs, operation for the Generating Group.

– Version: surface, recessed, electric enclosure and in desk box.




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