The Fertigation Machine adds to the accuracy, simplicity and reliability of FERTI 8.000  even more features.

Fertigation equipment FERTI 8.000  is made to measure according to the parameters required for each project. It is run by a FERTI 8.000 fertigation controller therefore you can enjoy the same performance of the IRRIGATION programmer FERTI 8.000: inject fertilizers by time, depending on pH parameters and electrical conductivity of water irrigation, by mixture of two waters or differential conductivity.

In this presentation of FERTI 8.000  is included hydraulic system, irrigation pump, transmitter of probes and sensors of CE and pH. (If you already have any of these components compatible with the computer, it will be excluded).

Maher Electronic irrigation machine adds precision, simplicity and reliability.

FERTI 8.000  has a three-year warranty.



FERTI 8.000  is a fertigation machine with pH control and it is the most competitive electrical conductivity in the market.

It has 6 analogue inputs for connecting a wide range of sensors to the equipment. These inputs are configurable both in signal range and in input voltage range. We can use sensors with output 4-20mA or 0-5V =. The function of each of these inputs is programmable.

It also has 10 digital inputs, free of voltage, fully configurable as pulse counters or detectors of different events and anomalies.

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