The Maher display reads thepH, electrical conductivity and temperature of the irrigation water.

  • Great functionality! It has a 128×64 pixel LCD graphic display and encoder, which facilitates its use and configuration. Languages: Spanish, English, French and Portuguese.
  • Highly versatile! Compatible with most electrical conductivity probes on the market with 2 or 4 rings. Automatically detects 2, 3 or 4-wire temperature probes to compensate them.





Main features of the Maher Visualizer:

  • Configurable automatic temperature compensation
  • Automatically detects the sensor type and its 2, 3 or 4-wire connection
  • The electrical conductivity measurement range is from 0 to 20 mS
  • PVC box format with transparent door
  • Password for greater security, preventing access by unauthorized personnel
  • The sensors included in the display do not allow continuous EC reading. In other words, while the water is moving. If this function is required, request it from Maher, since the display can be purchased with another probe model.

Power and consumption:

  • DC power 11 Vdc – 15 Vdc (Recommended: 12 VDC)
  • Consumption: 160 mA to 260 mA

Sensor specifications

pH electrode

  • Union / Flow rate: Ceramic, single / 15-20 μL /H
  • Electrolyte: Gel
  • Pressure: 2 bar
  • Range: pH (0 to 13)
  • Recommended operating temperature: 0º to 70º (32 to 158ºF)
  • Tip / Shape: Spherical (diameter: 7,5 mm)
  • Temperature sensor: No
  • Cable: Coaxial (1m/ 3.3’)
  • Connector: BNC

EC probe with sensor for temperature compensation

  • Tip / Shape: 2 pin
  • Temperature sensor: Yes (NTC 4K7)
  • Cable: Coaxial (2m/ 6.6’)
  • Connector: No


The pH and electrical conductivity display manufactured by MAHER can be purchased in different versions:

  • Choice of another model of pH and EC probes
  • Acquire only the display without the probes


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