Maher Electrónica has created an application that will undoubtedly set a precedent in Almeria’s agriculture. This is Maher APP, available for any device with Internet that allows the control of the irrigation equipment of a farm without the need to be in it.

It is an innovation that will undoubtedly benefit farmers and irrigation installers a lot. Maher APP gives full information about the start of the irrigation, the completion, if there has been any type of incident and, of course, allows the programming of it, all comfortably from a mobile, tablet, computer, laptop or even Smart TV.

It is, therefore, an application to facilitate the lives of farmers and installers, of all of them, especially for producers who have many farms or experts who must control, for example, the PH of several farms. And it is precisely that is another of the possibilities offered by Maher APP, to inform, always in real time, of all parameters, such as wind, temperature, PH or water conductivity, through the sensors connected to the equipment of irrigation.

Maher APP offers a series of graphs, depending on the sensors that are connected, which can be of great help also to the experts to advise the farmer, and even change from the APP any parameter. The farmer can also provide a password so that, from any device with Internet can see the evolution of the parameters and the needs of the crop. To guarantee the safety of the owner of the equipment, the maximum time of navigation by Maher APP for the users invited by the same, as it may be the case of an expert, is half an hour. To browse more time, you must request a new username and password.

Maher APP, will allow many farmers to have a totally free Sunday or go more well includes an interesting service so that the user is even calmer. It is, in particular, the sending of an SMS to the mobile
of the client in case any incidence occurs during the irrigation. This avoids that, once the irrigation is programmed, the farmer must be aware of the Application until its conclusion.

Maher APP is available, as explained by Eva Vizcaíno, graduated in Business Sciences and responsible for Administration of the company, “for Ferti 8000, in the case of hydroponic irrigation programmers, and for Cyclone, programmer for conventional irrigation”. These programmers are manufactured under the supervision of Manuel Asensio, an industrial engineer employed by Maher Electrónica.

Currently, there is no application of these characteristics for hydroponic irrigation. It is, without a doubt, a very useful tool for farmers and installers. Proof of this is that, in just one month, there are many users of this service.