We went to El Ejido (Almería) to meet with Javier Rubí, a young farmer specialising in the production of California peppers under greenhouse conditions. In his workroom, we observed a Ferti 8000 irrigation controller. He showed us the interface and demonstrated how he used it every day to implement his irrigation schedule. “What I like most is the user-friendly interface,” he said. At present he has three Ferti 8000 fertigation controllers and he has never experienced any problems with them.“They are really efficient,” he declared.

Control your irrigation remotely using the Maher App


maher app ferti 800Javier Rubí is a frequent user of the Maher App. With this App he can control the Ferti 8000 from anywhere. An installer or agronomical engineer can also remotely change any of the original setup parameters easily using the setting.“It´s convenient for me because I can access any information remotely, including pH, electrical conductivity and data from the tensiometers. I can start, stop or adjust the irrigation in real time by using the App. In addition, I can query the history or any anomalies that have occurred during the irrigation process,” he said.


The Ferti 8000 fertigation controller used with tensiometers


irrgation controller ferti 8000He also showed us how the Ferti 8000 fertigation controller worked with the four tensiometers he has installed inside his greenhouse.“I have installed two tensiometers in each sector, one of them is in the area with the highest temperature and the other one in the area with the lowest. The measurements can vary up to 2 points between the different areas. I can check the values from all four in order to accurately regulate the irrigation. Thanks to this, I can control the health of the plants,” he explained to us while he demonstrated on the Maher App.


irrigation controller“The tensiometers show a value. It´s recommended that they fall between a minimum and a maximum. The minimum value should be 5% or more because less than 5% indicates a high level of water content in the soil. The maximum value depends on the growth stage of the plant. For example, when the plant is at the flowering stage it might require less water than at the fruiting stage, therefore the reading could be between 20-25 CB. When the plant is setting fruit the reading should be 15 CB and when the fruits are growing it should be about 12-13 CB.”.


About the benefits of the Ferti 8000, Javier had this to say: “It´s an excellent cost-effective investment for my business. It has an affordable price when you take into account the future savings of water and fertilizer. You can also improve the yield per kilo and the overall quality of the vegetables because you can supply the plants with all the requirements they need throughout their growth cycles.”

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