Irrigation sensors

Maher Electrónica offers you a complete range of irrigation sensors for measuring parameters of temperature, humidity, pH and electrical conductivity.
The range of irrigation and humidity sensors will provide you with fundamental data for the optimization of your crop and is completed with the Maher climate sensors for monitoring parameters of rain, wind and solar radiation.

Electrical conductivity sensor

Electric conductivity sensor,
Tª and humidity of soil.


Conductivity probe HI7632

Conductivity probe in
HI7632 line with Ta compensation


Electrode pH

pH electrode
3 m. cable, 7 bars.

Tensiómetro agrícola Maher


Tensiometer for soil moisture, also available with 4-20 mA analog sensor.

sensor humedad de suelo

Humidity sensor

Soil moisture sensor MAS
with 4-20 mA output.



Wind speed sensor 4-20 mA. Power 12 to 30Vdc. Analog anemometer up to 180 km / h.



Wind direction sensor 4-20 mA. Power 12 to 30Vdc, with 2m. of cable. Analogue weathercock 0-360º without dead zones, supports up to 200km / h


Solar Radiation Sensor

Solar radiation sensor with 4-20 mA transmitter.
Power 10 to 30Vdc.