Among the technological solutions we currently have associated with agriculture, is the irrigation programmer one of the basic equipment for the day to day cultivation. Maher Electronics has two reference equipment for irrigation programmers: CICLON® y FERTI 8.000®. But, apart from the specific model, there are a number of features that an irrigation programmer must gather from the base in order to specifically fulfil its function.

Lthe watering programmers we design and manufacture in Maher Electronics take a further step, and present features that make them unique. Hence more and more installers bet on CICLON® y FERTI 8.000®.

What unique features Maher Electronics watering programmers bring

At Maher Electronics we work with some very clear premises. Among them, do not forget that we manufacture products for the field. This may seem obvious, but it is not so obvious. In the field, environmental, conservation, etc. conditions may not seem at first glance the most appropriate for the survival of an electronic device. But the conditions in the country are what they are. Changes of temperature, dampness… It would make no sense for an irrigation programmer not to be able to operate under these conditions.

Hence our teams are highly valued by those who test them. Its durability, strength and robustness is one of the first features highlighted by the users of our programmers. So much so and so certain are we of that robustness that the two models we have mentioned present three years of guarantee.

Another point in favour of irrigation programmers is precision. And this is the second obsession of our engineers. Designing products that respect the programmed parameters with maximum accuracy. The accuracy of these programmers is really unusual, and this is something that surprises installers and farmers.

The technical characteristics and specifications of each of our watering programmers can be found in detail in their sheets:

In addition to the technical specifications of each, you can be a feature common to these products, share with the rest of the Maher range. We talked about the easy handling of our irrigation programmers. Both installers and farmers usually find a great handicap in the manageability of the apartaos. A difficult management system presents many associated problems: problems to measure, lack of precision … related to the difficulty of use that end in an uncertain or insecure decision making, when not wrong. However, with an easy-to-use system we will handle more real data, save time and make better decisions. All this will favor the final objective of our work, which is simply to increase profitability and productivity of crops.

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