Climate sensors

Maher Electronics offers a wide range of climate sensors for the monitoring of all types of environmental and agronomic parameters. Having a reliable meteorological sensor system is essential to get the most out of your crop, optimize productivity and the quality of it.

All our products follow our premise of being easy to use and to adapt, as well as compatible with the vast majority of products on the market. The Maher Electronics range of climate sensors consists of humidity and temperature probes, rain sensors, anemometers, vanes and solar radiation sensors.


Self-ventilated temperature and humidity sensor

Moisture probe and self-ventilated temperature 4-20 mA. 0-100ºC and 0-100% RH.


Humidity and temperature sensor without self-ventilation

Moisture and temperature probe without self-ventilating 4-20 mA. 0-100ºC and 0-100% RH.
With recirculation of air inside
for greater accuracy in measurements.


Rain sensor

Digital optical rain detector with sensitivity adjustment via switch.



Wind speed sensor 4-20 mA.
Power 12 to 30Vdc.
Analog anemometer up to 180 km / h.



Wind direction sensor 4-20 mA.
Power 12 to 30Vdc, with 2m. of cable.
Analogue weathercock 0-360º without dead zones, supports up to 200km / h


Solar Radiation Sensor

Solar radiation sensor with 4-20 mA transmitter.
Power 10 to 30Vdc.